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We provide a full-service repair process for all composite materials, obviously our 46 years making surfboards means we know our way around a beater but we've been in the business of composites for just as long, be it your vacuum-glass racing ski, carbon mast or a kevlar/innegra Canadian Canoe!? We also repair plastic canoes and kayaks!

It's a universal truth that until you're falling directly onto your belly that water is soft, so soft it is that even extremely brittle materials like 4oz Poly are unaffected by it, even under the weight of an old bloke like me but the devil in the details is the notion of 'brittle' - the reason for rail cracks and compression cracks and why I've got a job.....


Does it need repairing?
If you can catch a fingernail on the crack than it can take in water, meaning foam will immediately begin degrading the surrounding foam and in turn reduce structural integrity of both the core foam and the surround glass, especially the lamination of these two surfaces.

What are my options?
Other than our professional service we have many D.I.Y repair options for fellow Brisbane surfers- ranging from basic 'sun-cure' sealing resins to full repair kits, including matt, q-cell, resins, catalyst etc etc. Or if you're after a quick fix we sell the world-favourite Ding Tape which is the best session-saver out there.

Turn Around?*
Depending how good the waves are we generally have all boards sorted in a week, from Thursday to Thursday - so get em in by Wedneday Arvo - 2017 has been a bumper year and we've been doing weekly repair runs so 1 week has been the standard ETA on polyester surfboards. If you've a complex repair such as colour-match spray jobs [we need to bring in an artist for that] or biiiig epoxy SUPs we generally expect a 2-3 week turn around. These time are a guide only as we are subject to weather, material availability etc so

Machines mightn't have much trouble with epoxy but when it comes to repairing it's another story. Due to the curing process, dependent on this such as humidity, being hard to judge we generally expect a 2-3 week turn around on epoxy SUP repairs and a 30% material cost surcharge.

Bring in your damaged surfboards and most fiberglass products for an instant repair quote! We do our repairs off-site and offer a full repair service and colour matching. Time varies depending on quantities and requirements. All repairs are done off-site as Woolloongabba zoning does not allow us to operate here

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