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Sunsational Sunscreen SPF50+ 200ml

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Very High Sun Protection SPF 50¤ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum¤ For face and body, everyday use¤ Replaces sport, face, kids, ultra, sensitive ranges¤ Rubs on easy and clear¤ Does not clog pores¤ Does not sting eyes or run¤ Non-greasy¤ Water resistant¤ Quick dryi...

Very High Sun Protection SPF 50

¤ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

¤ For face and body, everyday use

¤ Replaces sport, face, kids, ultra, sensitive ranges

¤ Rubs on easy and clear

¤ Does not clog pores

¤ Does not sting eyes or run

¤ Non-greasy

¤ Water resistant

¤ Quick drying

¤ Fragrance Free

¤ Titanium Dioxide Free

¤ Zinc Oxide Free

¤ PABA Free

¤ Nanoparticle Free

¤ Cosmetic/make-up friendly

¤ Great to use as an everyday Moisturiser + Vitamin E - Contains:

Anti-aging ingredients such as anti-oxidants that really look after your skin,

used for sun sensitive skin, helps reduce and slow signs of premature skin aging

and sunburn.

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