50 Years and still going!!!

May be an illustration of text that says "MM AAIME Established 1973 HANDMADE SURFBOARDS WOOLLOONGABBA, QLD. July 1971 July 2021 50 Years Still having a Goodtime"

Proud to be working in the Goodtime shop at Woolloongabba doing what I truly enjoy, chatting with People who share the joy of the power of nature wether it be on concrete, surf, ocean, river or sky.

Whatever weapon you choose that surge of energy, that ride, has taken Goodtime and you through fifty years of  having a Goodtime it’s as simple as that.

Here’s to all those who visited Brekky Creek Store in the old McCabe butcher shop and changed in the cold room or paddled out of the creek sampling our craft.

And those who went with us to Windsor where hang gliders hung from the ceiling and a half pipe covered the entrance.

Then across the river we all went against all the grain of south side and north side division.  And here’s to al those who just kept coming back after the Gabba store was wiped out by fire. 

And cheers to all those who still call in for a chat, we all have a great deal to be proud of  making history with canoe marathons, sailboarding events , skate social evolution, 

Brizzo Surfers winning first Straddie Assault, and so the list goes on.

Gooodtime supporters have raised heaps for others less fortunate and encouraged everyone to have a go.  Yes you are one of the many who have made the impossible possible —— and today we all recall many happy memories of events and adventures

July is 50 years since Brian Austen opened the doors of the Goodtime factory in Bolton Street Kirra and created Goodtime Surfboards and then opened his shop at


Brian, put it simply “why Goodtime?” , cause that’s what surfing is all about, having a Goodtime